Last published at: 2024-06-03 13:52:29 UTC

Use the Plauti Cloud Installer service to quickly install or update multiple Plauti apps on one or more Salesforce ORGs simultaneously.


Install or update Plauti apps on one or more Salesforce ORGs. While the installation process is running for one ORG, you can already start the process on the next ORG. 


  • Make sure you have sufficient permissions to install Plauti apps in your ORG.
  • Make sure all Orgs where you want to install or update Plauti apps have an active Connection.

Install or update apps

  1. Log into Plauti Cloud with your main account.
  2. At left, under Installer, go to Install Applications.
  3. Click Select a Connection to select an ORG to install or update the apps on.
    An overview of all Plauti apps appears, indicating which apps are installed or not installed, and the available versions.
  4. At the lines of the apps you want to install or update, click Install or Update
  5. If you selected Duplicate Check, you can also choose to install DC for additional objects next to the default objects. In that case, enter the object names in the Search And Select More Objects field and select the objects.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the installation or update information in the summary and click Next.
    An overview of the selected apps and their installation progress is shown.
  8. To install or update Plauti apps on a different ORG in the meantime, click the Back button next to the Installation Progress header, or click on a different menu item and then return to Install Applications.
  9. Click Select a Connection again and select a different ORG.
  10. Repeat steps 4-7.

Review Install history

After the installation or update process has finished, the results will appear in the Install History.

To check what was installed or updated previously, where, when and by whom, click Install History at left. For each install or update action the main info is shown. Click More Info on the install action line to view more details.