Record Validation Live

Last published at: 2024-05-02 16:55:32 UTC

Record Validation Live performs a real-time search and presents all set-up fields and their validation status when opening a record. Instantly validate these fields for the record you are currently working on.

RV Live can be integrated into any record page layout in your Salesforce Org.


Install or update RV Live

Read more about installing RV Live in Add and configure RV Live‍.

In RV release Spring '24 (3.107), RV Live was redesigned to be more user-friendly, for a better user experience. To use the new RV Live, simply switch out the old Record Validation page component with the new RV Live component. Read more in Update to the new RV Live‍.

The validation status of set fields as shown when opening a record

RV Live Validation Information

Field The field to validate. All validation fields that are configured in the Address validations‍, Phone number validations‍, or Email validations‍ settings, will be shown here once they contain a value.
Note that the Address field only appears once a country was entered.
Message Current field validation status as detected by the Record Validation Live service.
Field Status grey indicator This field has not been validated yet, or has been changed manually, and needs validation.
orange indicator The current address is validated up to city level. Editing it, e.g. by selecting a suggestion from Record Validation, can change it to green status.
green indicator This field is fully validated.
red indicator This field cannot be validated due to unusable or invalid data.
Validated on Date and time of the last validation
Record Status  Indicates the status of the entire record. It will take the lowest validation status found for the validation fields.

Action Buttons

Use Validate all to validate all validation fields in one go.
Clicking Validate all shows you all validation fields with their current and suggested values, and options to edit the suggestions.
Use Validate to validate a single field.
Clicking Validate shows you the details of the selected validation field, with its current and suggested values, and option to edit the suggestions.

Validating record data with RV Live

To validate incomplete or incorrect record data:

  1. In the RV Live block,
    • Click Validate All  to validate all fields in one go
    • Click Validate  to validate one of the fields
    The validation window opens.
  2. Select whether to keep the existing values, or pick the suggested values.
    If you think neither are correct, click Edit  to enter a custom value.
  3. If you clicked Edit to make changes, click Validate
    to validate your changes, or Restore  to revert to the previous value.
  4. Click Save.

After saving, the validated fields will show as green in the RV Live block.