Record Validation Job page

Last published at: 2022-01-18 12:22:13 UTC

From the Record Validation Job Overview page, you can start a new Record Validation Job or view results of already completed Record Validation jobs. You can also check the status of currently running jobs, export reports, validate or auto validate records.

Expanded Record Validation Job ready for further actions.

Name Job Name.
Object Processed Objects.
Progress Current progress status of the job.
Records The number of unvalidated records that are found while running the job.
Validations Number of unvalidated records shown in their current status color.

When an RV Job is expanded, it shows more information about it.
Click on the arrow next to the job name to expand it:

Started By Shows the user that started the job.
Started Time and date job started.
Ended Time and date job ended.
Validations Used Fields selected for validation in the job.
Record Status Status of all records involved in the job.
Results button Navigate to the Record Validation Results Overview page.

Navigation Buttons

Add new Job button Opens the 'Start a new job' panel. Learn more about how to start a new Record Validation Job on this page.
Getting Started Links to useful information in our knowledge base.
Navigates to useful tutorials in our knowledgebase.
Job Filter. Learn more in this article.
Open or close all duplicate groups, expand or hide the duplicate records.

Action Buttons

The Action buttons are an important part of this page, they allow you to process your results.

Navigate to theĀ Record Validation Results Overview page.
View the results in detailed graphics style.
Delete the job.
Auto Process
Start an automated validation process. Learn more about the Auto ProcessĀ in this article.

You can delete more that one job at a time. By checking the checkboxes next to job names, a "delete selected jobs" clickable text will be shown on the top right corner of the page. Clicking on it will delete the selected jobs.

Note that if you delete a job from the Record Validation Job page without running a validation, the data returned from the job search will be lost. If you rerun the job it will cost you credits again.