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Record Validation

Last published at: 2024-06-03 12:25:59 UTC

Record Validation - For general information about our release management, please see this page‍.


Release Summer '24 Maintenance, June 3, 2024

Release Summer '24 Maintenance release (3.109.1) 
Release date May 22, 2024 (Sandbox) / June 3, 2024 (Production)
  • RV Job - In some cases RV Jobs could not be aborted.

Release Spring '24, April 29, 2024

Release Spring '24 (3.108.7)
Release date April 15, 2024 (Sandbox) / May 7, 2024 (Production)
  • RV Entry - Added a number of improvements, such as better performance for fields like custom addresses.
  • RV Entry - Changes made to a record in the Sales or Service Console now show up right after saving, without the need to refresh the page first.
  • RV Live - Redesigned the user interface to be more user-friendly, for a better user experience. To use the new RV Live, switch out the old Record Validation page component with the new RV Live component. Try it out in your Sandbox Org! Read more here.
Classes Added

If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following class to the applicable profiles:

  • plautiHttpPipeline
  • plautiWebHttpRequest
  • plautiWebHttpResponse
  • plautiWeb, plautiWebLwcEntry
  • plautiWebVfEntry
  • rv2LookupController
Other Items Added

If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following Visualforce page to the applicable profiles: 

  • rv2KoalaHost
  • RV Setup - Users with special characters in their user name could not view RV credit and transaction information.

Release 3.106.1, February 12, 2024

Release 3.106.1
Release date February 12, 2024
Classes Added
If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following class to the applicable profiles:
  • RV Flows - With the State and Country picklists enabled, the State and Country fields in the RV Address flow screen component did not populate.

Release 3.105, December 4, 2023

Release 3.105
Release date December 4, 2023
  • RV Job - When auto-processing an RV Job, records that cannot be processed automatically will now be skipped.
  • Country/State Override - When manually re-validating a value in an RV Job result view, the State override was ignored.
  • RV Entry - In some cases, when address fields are mapped to a text field and the State/Country Picklist is not used, the State code was not filled in after validation.

Release 3.104.2, October 2, 2023

Release 3.104.2
Release date October 2, 2023
  • Address Validation - RV can now add geocodes (the latitude and longitude of an address) to addresses. Read more here‍.
  • RV Apex API - When validating using the RV Apex API, the validation result can now be saved. Read more here‍.
Classes Added

If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:

  • rv2APIValidationResult_v1
  • rv2SaveValidationResultInput_v1
  • rv2SaveValidationResultOutput_v1
  • RV Auto Process - After running Auto Processing on RV job results, the Results buttons were still shown.
  • RV Entry - When you edited a record with RV Entry Edit, the changes you made were only visible after refreshing the page.

Release 3.102.3, August 14, 2023

Release 3.102.3
Release date August 14, 2023
  • Data Processing - Select where RV should run the process to validate your data: in the United States or the European Union.
Classes Added
  • If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:

RV Entry - When creating a Person Account, email addresses were not validated.

RV Live - When there were no suggestions for an address, RV Live sometimes returned an error.

Release 3.101, May 30, 2023

Release 3.101
Release date May 30, 2023
  • Validation Data – Save the status information of address, email or phone validations (Status Message and Validation Date/Time) in a field of your choice. Use the status information for reports on validation status, in the DC merge rules, etc. Read more here under “Address/Phone number/Email Validation”.
  • General - RV is optimized for the Salesforce Summer '23 release.
  • Performance - Email validation performance has been improved.
Classes Added
  • If you are not using the RV permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:
  • RV Edit - When a user tried to edit an Account record they did not have access to, the page just did not load. Now an error message is shown.

Release 3.98.1, April 3, 2023

Release 3.98.1
Release date April 3, 2023 (Production)
  • RV Credits - You can now buy new RV credits directly from the app again.
  • RV Auto Process - After running Auto Processing on RV job results, the Results buttons were still shown.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Release 3.97, January 30, 2023

Release 3.97
Release date January 30, 2023 (Production)
  • RV Validate Address - Improved performance for Orgs that have a large number of countries and states available in their State and Country/Territory picklists.
  • RV Job - Filtering on record type in an RV Job could result in an error.

Release 3.96, November 28, 2022

Release 3.96
Release date November 28, 2022 (Production)
  • DC or RV results in DAP - Apply a Data Action Platform action to the results of a Duplicate Check or Record Validation Job. Select DC or RV Job results in a DAP action, or open the DAP Action Launcher in DC Job results.
  • Feedback Platform - We’d like to hear from you! Share your ideas for improvements for RV on the Plauti Feedback Platform.
  • Address Validation - For Dutch postbox addresses, if the House Number is mapped to a custom field, the postbox number is entered in that field instead of in the Street field.
  • Address Validation - A new validation method was introduced that improves the validation results and produces less noise in the results.
  • Phone Validation - Validate phone numbers (with country code) without having to enter an address.

Release 3.94, September 26, 2022

Release 3.94
Release date September 26, 2022 (Production)
  • General - RV is optimized for the Salesforce Winter '23 release.
  • RV Job Auto Process - When using Country/State Picklists, auto-processing an RV Job would fail, because the full name of a state was returned as the state code. 

Release 3.93, July 25, 2022

Release 3.93
Release date July 25, 2022 (Production)
  • RV Email Validation - Email addresses containing an apostrophe or a single quote are now validated correctly.

Release 3.92, May 2, 2022

Release 3.92
Release date May 2, 2022
  • RV Setup - Indicate whether multiple address lines in address fields should be separated with a comma or a line break.
  • Country/State Override: add a single state to override, or all states of a country in one go.
  • Classes added: StateOptionModel, StateOptionsCacheModel, StateOptionsStorage

Release 3.90, April 4, 2022

Release 3.90
Release date April 4, 2022
  • RV - Transliteration for all entry types. Ensure that regardless of the input script, the returned address values are always displayed in one script.

For example, let Record Validation process entries in both Latin and Cyrillic script, and have the returned data always displayed in Latin script.

Read more in this knowledge item

  • RV Job - If fetching RV Job results fails, e.g. because of network issues, fetch them again with the Refetch results button.
  • RV Job, RV Live - When a record or value cannot be validated, e.g. because of a time-out, or because certain address values cannot be processed, an error message will now inform you of this.

Release 3.88, February 24, 2022

Release 3.88
Release date February 24, 2022
  • Country/State Codes - A new dataset for state codes was added, meaning now the standard ISO state code is returned in all validations.
  • RV Job - Introduced a new setting to decide the number of records being transferred per API call for validation.

Release 3.86, February 7, 2022

Release 3.86
Release date February 7, 2022
  • RV Direct Validate - Make sure new records are validated first, and deduplicated second, when both Duplicate Check and Record Validation are in use. A new setting in RV Settings, called ‘Ensure correct order of execution when using both Direct Validate and DC Direct Processing’, ensures that records inserted via Apex Insert/Update, API Bulk Insert, DC Apex API, or Web to Lead, are processed by Direct Validate (RV) first, and only then by Direct Processing (DC). This way a record is always validated and standardised, which helps in finding a duplicate record in Direct Processing.
  • RV Setup – Match Record Validation state codes with those in Salesforce, and define your own labels. In Salesforce Orgs that have the Country/State picklist enabled, the state codes as defined in the Salesforce setup do not always match those provided by Record Validation. Override the RV state and country codes, and edit labels (e.g. enter a translation), in the new RV setting ‘Country/State Codes’. See this knowledge item for more information.
  • RV Flow - With the State Country picklist enabled, the RV Address Screen Component did not return values for some fields.
  • RV Entry - Sometimes the RV Entry page displayed the House Number field twice.

Release 3.84, January 10, 2022

Release 3.84
Release date January 10, 2022
  • RV Entry - When working in Console Navigation, the ‘Save and New’ button saved the current record, but did not create a new one.
  • RV Entry - When using the Prefill Parent Record option: the parent was not prefilled when a record was created via the ‘Save and New’ button on a preceding record.

Release 3.83, December 13, 2021

Release 3.83
Release date December 13, 2021
  • RV Entry - For some users, the default country as set in RV Setup might not be the country they use most for validating. They can set their personal default country by clicking the star icon in the country list. Read more.
  • RV Entry - The default country for validating as entered in the RV Setup is now used as default country again.
  • RV Job - Filtering jobs is working again. Filter the RV Job list on 'Job name contains', 'Started After', or 'Finished Before'.

Release 3.82, October 18, 2021

Release 3.82
Release date October 18, 2021
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to the changing of Record Types.
  • Address Component - Fixed an issue related to the scroll bar on Microsoft Windows environments.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue with the default country settings per user.

Release 3.79, September 20, 2021.

Release 3.79
Release date September 20, 2021
  • RV Entry - Faster load time due to performance improvements.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to currency fields with two decimals.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to editing Person Accounts.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue with hard blocking a duplicate entry if configured.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to the DC integration.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to required fields.
  • RV Entry - Fixed an issue related to incidentally showing a different page layout.

For earlier release notes, please see the release notes section on the RV Setup page (in the app).