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Last published at: 2024-06-03 12:28:13 UTC

Duplicate Check - For general information about our release management, please see this page‍. 

Release Summer '24 Maintenance, June 3, 2024

Release Summer '24 Maintenance release (3.359.1)
DC Local release 1.6.3
Release date May 27, 2024 (Sandbox) / June 3, 2024 (Production)
  • DC Job - When filtering a job on Record Type, record types of unrelated objects were available for filtering as well.
  • DC Settings - In the DC Setup setting “Default display of field values if text exceeds column width in DC Job Result”, you can now set either "Clip text” or "Wrap text”.

Release Spring '24, April 15, 2024

Release Spring '24 (3.358.2)
DC Local release 1.6.3
Release date April 2, 2024 (Sandbox) / April 15, 2024 (Production)
  • Synonym Matching - Create lists of synonyms that will be matched as duplicates of each other. Apply the synonym lists to specific scenario fields.
    For example, match First Name values ‘Bobby’, ‘Bob’ and ‘Robert’, or State values ‘New York’, ‘NY’ and ‘NYC’ as duplicate values. Read more here.
  • Scheduled Jobs - On the Scheduled Job Overview page, the info modal of a job now shows more information. It lists whether the job will be processed in Salesforce, DC Local or Plauti Cloud; and whether Auto Merge / Auto Convert will be applied or not.
Classes added
If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following class from the applicable profiles/permission sets:
  • DC Entry - When you have custom address fields in use on an object, the DC Entry page did not show the individual address field labels.
  • DC Merge - Field rule ‘Group that has the most fields populated’ was missing a fallback rule when applied to Address compound fields.
  • DC Merge - Merging Custom Object records could result in an error in Salesforce Spring '24.
  • DC for NPSP - Direct Processing did not work properly when merging more than two duplicate records.
  • DC Setup - Predefined Filters were not visible with language set to French.

Release 3.357.1, February 12, 2024

Release 3.357.1
DC Local release 1.6.0
Release date January 29, 2024 (Sandbox) / February 12, 2024 (Production)
  • DC Job - The new DC Job Overview, with an updated interface and improved functionality, is now fully in use. The last missing features have been added, such as a number of filter fields, and scheduling a custom Cron job. The old DC Job Overview has been discontinued, to align with Salesforce’s updated security protocols.
  • DC Job Auto Merge - When preparing a DC Job, next to the auto merge threshold, set an Object Filter and/or Duplicate Group Filter to determine in which cases Auto Merge should take place.
  • General - Next to English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, DAP is now available in Chinese (Simplified) as well. Translations for the other languages have been improved. However, if you still encounter any translation mistakes, do let us know!
  • Predefined Filters - At each time of running, scheduled jobs that use a predefined filter now apply the current state of the predefined filter. Previously, the predefined filter in its state as it was at the time of creating the scheduled job was used for all future runs. Please keep this in mind when editing predefined filter settings.
    This also applies to restarting a single job from the Job Overview.
Classes added
If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following class from the applicable profiles/permission sets:
  • dc3FilterMapper
  • DC Job - Fixed a small problem with editing date/time filters in a DC Job.
  • NPSP - The merge log did not log the auto-merge of NPSP contacts.

Release 3.356.2, December 4, 2023

Release 3.356.2
DC Local release 1.4.0
Release date November 20, 2023 (Sandbox) / December 4, 2023 (Production)
  • DC Job - The new DC Job Overview, with an updated interface and improved functionality, is set as the default. For now you can still toggle between the new and old version, but from release 2024R1 (Sandbox January 29, Production release February 12) the old DC Job Overview will be discontinued to align with Salesforce’s updated security protocols.
Classes removed If you are not using the DC permission set, remove the following class from the applicable profiles/permission sets:
  • dc3ComponentWelcomeTest
Items added If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following Visualforce page and tab to the applicable profiles*:
  • Visualforce page: dc3OnboardingPage
  • Tab: dc3Onboarding

*This is a repeat message, as this page and tab were already available in a patch for the previous version.

  • DC Export - When exporting DC Job results, the number of exported duplicates was not shown on the new DC Job page, even though the export itself succeeded.
  • DC Live - In some situations, a record page that includes the DC Live component could not be saved after editing.
  • DC Merge - For some field merge rules, with Field Level Security active for the user, the DC Merge Preview page did not load. Now, a user with restricted field access will be shown a warning message.
  • DC Merge - In NPSP orgs using the one-to-one account model, and with the ‘Contacts to Multiple Accounts’ setting enabled, an error could occur when merging contacts.

Release 3.354.1, October 2, 2023

Release 3.354.1
DC Local release 1.4.0
Release date September 18, 2023 (Sandbox) / October 2, 2023 (Production)
  • DC Job Overview - In the new DC Job Overview (Beta), add an Object filter to run an Auto Merge or Auto Convert on a subset of job results.
  • DC Merge - If a merge rule points to an empty field, the rule is re-applied to decide which field value will be used in the master record from the remaining records.
  • General - Optimized the deletion of DC system records so they will not be kept unnecessarily in the recycle bin
Classes added If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:
  • dc3OnboardingService
  • dc3WebOnboardingController
  • dc3WebTelemetryController
Classes removed If you are not using the DC permission set, remove the following class from the applicable profiles/permission sets:
  • dc3ComponentWelcomeTest
Other items added If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following Visualforce page and tab to the applicable profiles:
  • Visualforce page: dc3OnboardingPage
  • Tab: dc3Onboarding
  • DC Apex API - For end users with read-only access to a field, the output from the ‘GetMergeMaster' API method did not show the value of that field. Use an additional method to show such read-only fields. Read more here.
  • DC Discard - Groups containing a large number of Person Account records could not be discarded from the job results.
  • Merge Preview - Picklist field values are now shown in the correct language if they are translated.
  • General - When adding a filter containing an empty Value field, e.g. in a DC Job, the filter was not always added right away.

Release 3.351.4, August 14, 2023

Release 3.351.4
DC Local release 1.3.3
Release date July 31, 2023 (Sandbox) / August 14, 2023 (Production)
  • Overall Job Results - The DC Job Overall Results page has been redesigned, and improved on performance and stability.
  • Scheduled Jobs - A number of improvements were made for scheduled jobs in the new Job Overview Beta. You can now edit (newly created) scheduled jobs, and use predefined filters. For variable filters (e.g. the members of a campaign), scheduled jobs now run with current data at each run.
Classes added

If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following class to the applicable profiles:


  • DC Analytics - Records merged via DC Local did not count towards the "Records Merged” total.
  • DC Convert - When converting a lead to an existing contact, you could create a new account, while the contact’s account should’ve been used.
  • DC Entry - When using several record types with different layouts, sometimes an incorrect page layout was shown.
  • DC Merge - Event and Task objects can now be manually merged again.
  • DC Setup - The Search Index setting ‘Minutes delay between asynchronous index creation’ could not be set to "0".
  • Scheduled Jobs - Jobs scheduled for execution in DC Local could not always be deleted.
  • Set for Merge Jobs - When a Set for Merge job had records that appeared in multiple groups, an error message incorrectly stated that auto-merge was not possible.

Release 3.345.1, May 30, 2023

Release 3.345.1
DC Local release 1.3.3
Release date May 15, 2023 (Sandbox) / May 30, 2023 (Production)
  • DC Job Results - To give you more insight in what happens after a DC Job was created, the Job Information now shows extensive job data. View the duplicates that were found initially in the job, any job results that are still unprocessed, as well as merge and convert activity. Merges and converts are neatly shown in subjobs, and are tracked in a Merge or Convert Log. (The Merge/Convert Log tab is not yet available in DC Local or Plauti Cloud.)
  • DC on Plauti Cloud - Creating a search index and exporting job results can now be done via Plauti Cloud as well. Read more about Plauti Cloud here.
  • General - At several points the performance of Duplicate Check has been improved.
  • General - DC is optimized for the Salesforce Summer '23 release. 
Objects added If you are not using the DC permission set, grant your users full access to the “dc3ObjectMeta” object for faster merging and converting.
Classes added

If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:

dc3JobRepository, dc3MetaRepository, dc3NgramScorer, dc3OjrDetailWebController, dc3OjrOverviewWebController, dc3WebAuditLogController, dc3WebSettingsController, PlautiLicense, PlautiLicenseClient

  • DC Apex API - Merging records via Apex API, using the doMerge method plus master record ID input, did not work for Person Accounts.
  • DC Convert - Sometimes DC Convert only found matching Account records for Leads at the second try.
  • DC Edit - When a user tried to edit an Account record they did not have access to, the page just did not load. Now an error message is shown.
  • DC Merge - Keeping all values with the address that has the most fields populated now works as expected again: the most populated address in the master record, and the other address in an additional field.
  • DC Merge - When manually merging records, in the merge preview, the Salutation field could not be edited.
  • DC Merge Rules - In some cases, changes made to a fallback rule were not saved.

Release 3.340, April 3, 2023

Release 3.340
DC Local release 1.3.2
Release date March 20, 2023 (Sandbox) / April 3, 2023 (Production)
  • DC Job Overview - Try out the Beta version of the new DC Job Overview! This new version brings an updated interface and improved functionality, making it easier to manage your jobs. Read more in this blog.
  • Plauti Cloud - Try the Beta version of Plauti Cloud, a new way to process jobs. This cloud-based service offers the same features as DC Local and more, such as running several jobs at the same time. Plauti Cloud is free to use during beta if you have DC Advanced or up. Read more here.
  • Flow Actions - Return duplicate IDs that you found with other flow actions in a collection with the 'DC - Get Duplicate IDs from DC Flow Output' flow action. Read more here.
  • Flow Actions - Return the master record ID from a set of duplicate records with the ‘DC - Find Master Record By DC Search Action Output’ or ‘DC - Find Master Record By IDs’ flow action. Read more here.
  • Flow Actions - In the Quick Convert flow action, set the owner of the converted record with the ‘OwnerID’ input value.
Classes added

If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:


  • RV + DC integration: When a scenario is applied to ‘RV manual insert prevention’, and the setting 'duplicate prevention in native entry page lightning' is enabled, duplicates could sometimes still be created. This has now been solved.
  • DC Setup - In the merge rules settings, field groups with a very long name could not be edited.

Release 3.337, January 30, 2023


Release 3.337
Release date January 16, 2023 (Sandbox) / January 30, 2023 (Production)
  • Matching Methods - In addition to the “Date Distance in Days” matching method, you can now use “Date Distance in Weeks” and “Date Distance in Months” as well.
    These matching methods score 100% if the dates in two date fields are within the number of weeks or months that are set in the matching method.
  • DC Convert - When converting a Lead into a new Contact under an existing Account, and with an existing Opportunity, the Contact was not linked to the Opportunity.
  • DC Local - Jobs with a large number of result fields could not be exported.
  • DC Local - DC Local Export now supports special characters.
  • DC Merge - Field group merge rules for Address were not taken into account.
  • DC Merge - Records of the Individual object could not always be merged.

Release 3.336, November 28, 2022

Release 3.336
Release date November 14, 2022 (Sandbox) / November 28, 2022 (Production)
  • DC or RV results in DAP - Apply a Data Action Platform action to the results of a Duplicate Check or Record Validation Job. Select DC or RV Job results in a DAP action, or open the DAP Action Launcher in DC Job results.
  • DC Matching - In DC Setup, determine whether Accounts that are connected via an account hierarchy should, or should not, be considered duplicates. Read More‍ 
  • Feedback Platform - We’d like to hear from you! Share your ideas for improvements for DC on the Plauti Feedback Platform.
  • DC Convert - Set the record type for a new Opportunity when manually converting a Lead.
  • DC Job Results - When a user is not allowed to see certain records in a result group due to Sharing settings, the group is now shown in closed state with a message informing the user of this.

If you are not using the DC permission set, add the following classes to the applicable profiles:


  • DC Merge - The Store Unique Values field rule did not work when the values were to be stored in a field that already contained some values.
  • DC Merge - Merging Person Accounts that have the same related account did not work.
  • DC Setup - The DC Setup page could not be reached via Installed Packages > Configure.
  • DC Local Export - If you saved an export file without the .csv file name extension, the file could not be opened anymore.
  • DC Job Results - In results with a large number of groups, after changing the sorting of the groups, opening all groups at once did not work anymore.
  • DC Predefined Filter - With the State/Country picklists enabled, if you used a state code field in a predefined filter, the selected state could change to a different one that happened to have the same state code.
  • DC Scheduled Jobs - Scheduled Jobs created for DC Local, that were deleted but not made inactive first, were still scheduled but could then not be run.

Release 3.331, September 26, 2022

Release 3.331
Release date September 12, 2022 (Sandbox) / September 26, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Job Results - In DC Setup, determine the default way to display field values that are longer than the column width: clipped or wrapped. Users can still change this for their own job result view.
  • DC Job Results - Improved performance of the Job Results page.
  • General - DC is optimized for the Salesforce Winter '23 release. 
  • DC Local - Users with limited rights could not run jobs on objects that they did have rights for.

Release 3.330.1, August 25, 2022

Release 3.330.1
Release date August 25, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Job Results - In the redesigned Job Results page you could not filter groups on Record Type anymore.
  • DC Job Results - The DC Job Detail page could be opened without selecting a job to see the results of, showing a page without record information.
  • DC Job Results - When sharing job results in an email message, the accompanying text did not show any carriage returns.
  • DC Merge - When selecting records to merge from a group that you manually sorted first, different records than you selected were shown in the merge modal.
  • DC Merge - Improved performance of the merge modal.

Release 3.329, July 25, 2022

Release 3.329
Release date July 11, 2022 (Sandbox) / July 25, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Job - Following jobs within an object, the Job Results page for Cross Object Jobs has been redesigned as well, for better performance and ease of use. Merge from the Group View, select which target record to convert to, and much more.
  • Select List Search - Search for any part of a field value in Select Lists.
  • DC Plugin - Feed records into the DC index search with the new After Index Search apex plugin.
  • DC License - The License page in DC Setup has been redesigned for more clarity about your license and licensed features. The Refresh License button now works correctly as well.
Classes etc.
  • Classes added: dc3ControllerSetupLicense
  • DC and NPSP - Grant your users access to the new visualforce page ‘’, needed for running a quick merge on contacts if you have NPSP installed.
  • DC Job Overall Results - Filtering the DC Job Overall Results with a predefined filter now works for custom objects and person accounts as well. Note that this only applies to new jobs.
  • DC Job Detail - When there are a large number of result fields, the Job Detail page can now be properly read again.

Release 3.326, May 30, 2022

Release 3.326
Release date May 23, 2022 (Sandbox) / May 30, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Job - Click the ‘Share’ button to share a duplicate group or pair with other users, via an email or task, or by copying a link.
  • Release Cycle - Because we deem quality to be more important than quantity, the DC release cycle will be changed from once every month to about once every two months. See the release information page for the new expected release dates.
  • DC Job - To improve performance, exporting your DC Job results to a .csv file is now done via DC Local. If you are not yet using DC Local, see for more information.
  • DC Job - The Job Results page for jobs within an object has been redesigned as a Lightning web component, for better performance and ease of use. 
  • DC Merge - Set-for-merge behavior has been improved for users that have limited edit rights.
  • DC & RV - Using DC Direct Processing in combination with RV Direct Validate has been improved.
Classes etc.
  • Classed added: dc3MergeJobFinishAction, plautiShareModalController, plautiFilterController, plautiAssert, plautiFilterParser, plautiLogger, plautiObjectUtils, plautiSobjectLookupController, plautiOrgSettings
  • If you are not using the DC permission set: set tab access to ‘Default On’ for the new Job Detail tab, to ensure access to this tab.
    To do this, go to the Salesforce Setup > Users > Profiles > open the applicable profile > Object Settings > scroll down to 'DC Job Detail' > edit and set Tab Settings to ‘Default On’.
  • Field added: the field ‘Key’ was added to the dcDelta object.
  • DC Job - Fixed a problem with auto-merge getting stuck in a loop.
  • DC Live - Buttons with long names did not show the entire name.
  • DC Merge - Fields with a very long name could interfere with the layout of the merge page.
  • DC Merge - When using Set for Merge with Keep all values, not all values were kept upon merging.
  • DC Merge - Merging Person Accounts that have the same related account did not work.

Release 3.324, May 2, 2022

Release 3.324
Release date April 25, 2022 (Sandbox) / May 2, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Job Overall Results - Show your users the duplicate records that they own. Set the embedded Overall Job Results component to filter on "Logged-in user” as the Source record owner and Match record owner.
  • DC Entry - After creating a record with DC Entry in a SF console, you were shown a recently viewed record instead of the newly created record.
  • DC Search - When using the "Enable scenario specific Search" feature in DC Search, the Record Type field is now available again for searching. Note that searching on Record Type in a scenario specific search only works properly when it is set up in DC Setup > Object Setup > Record Types.
  • DC Convert - When both Duplicate Check and Record Validation are in use, DC Convert did not work when Postal Code was not mapped in RV Setup > Lead > Address.
  • DC Search Index - Creating the search index has been improved for values containing apostrophes. 

Release 3.323.2, April 4, 2022

Release 3.323.2
Release date March 28, 2022 (Sandbox) / April 4, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Merge - The Result Fields order as set in DC Setup is now used in the Merge Preview as well.
  • Classes added: AssertTest, dc3AuraShareControllerTest, dc3ConfigDataTest, dc3ConfigExternalTest, dc3HelperLwcWireMethodsTest, dc3HelperPicklistTest, dc3HelperSharingTest, dc3JanitorTest, Dc3MergeFieldGroupTest, Dc3MergeRuleValidatorTest, dc3PluginModelTest, LoggerTest
  • Class removed: dupcheck__dc3ControllerMergeModal
  • DC Merge Rules - The Customer Portal Account field ('IsCustomerPortal') on Account records can be selected again in the Master Record Rule.
  • DC - Sometimes an email notification with the message ‘Missing Argument: emptyRecycleBin’ was sent, which should not have been sent.
  • DC Search - Having one or a few scenarios enabled, and then entering a value in a search field, resulted in all scenarios being enabled.
  • DC Convert - When a non-admin user converted a Lead, with the owner for new records set to a different user, and the sharing rules set to Private, the conversion failed.

Release 3.322.2, March 7, 2022

Release 3.322.2
Release date February 28, 2022 (Sandbox) / March 7, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Merge - Trying to merge records from a Custom Object without an owner resulted in an error.
  • DC Merge Rules - You can create a master record rule based on the Record Type ID again.
  • DC Convert - When converting a Lead to a new Person Account, all record types are available again.
  • DC Setup - Entering an invalid value and then leaving the page rendered the DC Setup page inaccessible.
  • DC Job - When creating a cross-object DC Job, you can now filter on Record Type ID for both objects again.

Release 3.321, February 7, 2022

Release 3.321
Release date January 31, 2022 (Sandbox) / February 7, 2022 (Production)
  • NPSP Merge - When Households are merged as a result of a Contact merge, the merge rules are now taken into account. Read more in this blog.
  • DC Merge Rules - Read-only fields can now have a Keep All Values rule in the advanced merge rules.
  • DC Direct Processing - Make sure new records are validated first, and deduplicated second, when both Duplicate Check and Record Validation are in use. A new setting in RV Settings, called ‘Ensure correct order of execution when using both Direct Validate and DC Direct Processing’, ensures that records inserted via Apex Insert/Update, API Bulk Insert, DC Apex API, or Web to Lead, are processed by Direct Validate (RV) first, and only then by Direct Processing (DC). This way a record is always validated and standardised, which helps in finding a duplicate record in Direct Processing.

DC Settings - A number of Settings fields will now warn you when you enter a value that is too large or too small.

  • DC Merge - Merging two contacts that are indirectly related to the same account, or merging two accounts that are indirectly related to the same contact, is working again.
  • DC Merge - When you manually selected a record as master, the record type after merge was that of the record previously set as master by the merge rules.

DC Merge Rules - When setting a master record merge rule for Person Account, on a custom picklist field on the Contact Object using Valued Based, you could not select a Field Value.

DC Search - Searching after clearing a search field could yield results for the value that was entered before.

DC Analytics - The graphs now also show properly for longer time periods.

Release 3.319.1, January 10, 2022

Release 3.319.1
Release date January 3, 2022 (Sandbox) / January 10, 2022 (Production)
  • DC Merge - After a merge, the IDs of the loser records are stored in the Audit Log Object, in the ‘Related IDs’ field.
  • DC Entry - When using the Prefill Parent Record option: the parent was not prefilled when a record was created via the ‘Save and New’ button on a preceding record.
  • DC Advanced Merge Rules - In the Advanced Merge Rules, the field rule for Record Type ID has been removed. The Record Type is always linked to the master record and therefore cannot be set as a field rule.
  • DC Job - When you delete a DC Job, the metadata of any auto-merge jobs done on that job will now be deleted as well.
  • DC Job - With an object filter present on Person Account, you could not view the results of a DC Job and instead were shown an error.

Release 3.318, December 13, 2021

Release 3.318
Release date December 6, 2021 (Sandbox) / December 13, 2021 (Production)
  • DC - Predefined filters can now contain more fields.
  • DC Search Index - Several indexing problems have been solved.
  • DC Search Index - For indexing purposes, a new field was introduced that needs to be added to permission sets. Please add field 'Unique Name' of the Duplicate Check Job object to the relevant permission sets in your org.
  • DC for NPSP - When using NPSP, and CRUD override was enabled, users without Delete permission could not merge records.
  • DC Live - When the source field of DC Live on a custom object was changed to a parent id, converting did not work.
  • DC Convert - In orgs where a contact can be related to multiple accounts, converting a lead to an existing contact and a new account did not work.
  • DC Local - Date fields on Person Accounts were formatted differently when creating a new search index via DC Local.
  • DC Entry - When working in Console Navigation, the 'Save and New' button saved the current record, but did not create a new one.  

Release 3.315, November 15, 2021

Release 3.315
Release date November 8, 2021 (Sandbox) / November 15 (Production)
  • DC Advanced Merge Rules - Merge rules for Portal Users now also work for Person Accounts.
  • DC Search Index - Incremental Index Creation: to create your search index more efficiently, update it incrementally. With the new Create Incremental Index and Create Incremental Index (DC Local) options, the index is updated for those records that have been changed since the start of the previous index creation job. If the last job was a delete job, you will need to run a full index recreation first before incremental index creation is available again.
  • DC Merge - When changing the master record, it looked like the read-only fields of the old master record were kept upon merging. The right read-only fields were merged, but are now shown correctly as well.
  • DC Advanced Merge Rules - The option to revert to the old merge rules has been removed.

Release 3.313.1, October 18, 2021.

Release 3.313.1 (Currently in Sandbox & Production)
Release date October 18, 2021
  • DC Search - The DC Search tab has been renewed and updated to Lightning.
  • Advanced Merge Rules - The New Merge Rules are now out of beta and activated automatically for all installations.
  • DC Local - Shows actual job status in DC Job tab.
  • DC Local - Performance improvement in DC Local Auto Merge process.
  • DC Local Server - DC job Overview now shows which DC Local Server processed the Job.
  • DC Local Server - Ability to run multiple DC Local Server for a single Salesforce instance.
  • DC Local - Fixed an indexing issue with Date Fields.

Release 3.311, September 20, 2021.

Release 3.311
Release date September 20, 2021
  • Auto Merge is now automatically restarted if the selected records were not all processed
  • Merge Rules - Rule based on the most complete group now has a fallback rule
  • Fix to respect encrypted fields in the merge preview and result fields.
  • Optimized the predefined filter query when used in DC Jobs.
  • Fixed a UI issue related to the merge preview box in the merge modal.
  • Fixed a number of UI issues related to the Advanced Merge Rules.
  • Fixed an issue related to deciding the master record based on a Portal Enabled User.
  • Fixed an issue related to required fields in DC Entry.
  • Duplicate groups that are deleted from a DC Job or no longer visible in OJR.

Release 3.310, August 23, 2021.

Release 3.310
Release date August 23, 2021
  • Optimized the Advanced Merge rules (beta) for ORGs with many fields. /li>
  • Optimized the Export configuration to handle larger configuration sets.
  • Fixed a bug related to converting a Lead to a Contact and/or Account with Record Types.

Release 3.309, July 26, 2021.

Release 3.309
Release date July 26, 2021
  • DC Local Server - now supports scheduled jobs
  • DC Convert - A new setting at DC Setup - Settings to disable changing the opportunity name in a manual conversion.
  • Fixed a number of issues in Advanced Merge Rules (beta)
  • Fixed an issue in the "Store duplicate in DC Job" flow action
  • Optimized querying the Index Location field at Object Settings
  • DC Convert - Fixed issue with loading the modal coming from a Quick Action
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to the cancel button in the Sales console
  • DC Job - Fixed an issue related to sorting jobs on metadata.
  • Quick Merge - If a group is not merged due to an error, it is returned to the job.

Release 3.308, June 29, 2021.

Release 3.308 
Release date June 29, 2021
  • A complete redesign of the Merge Rules is now available in beta. In the redesign, we offer various new rules that contribute to a much more advanced merging process with richer possibilities without writing any code. In addition, create Field Groups, and decide if end-users are able to change the master record in a merge page. Read more.

Release 3.305, May 31, 2021.

Release  3.305
Release date May 31, 2021
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to the "Save and New" button when a duplicate is found.
  • Share Merge - After merging via a shared link, the user is taken to the master record.
  • DC Job Filter - A filter on a multi-select pick lists now supports the "includes" expressions.
  • DC Setup - Fixed an issue related to loading the wrong configuration due to duplicate object prefixes.
  • DC Local Merge - If a merge fails, job continues and merge error is stored in the duplicate job.

Release 3.303, May 4, 2021.

Release  3.303 
Release date May 4, 2021
  • DC Local - Use DC Local to run larger merge jobs more stable while decreasing runtime. Read more.
  • DC Local - The new "device login flow" allows you to authenticate DC Local with your device without running into known SSO issues.
  • Fixed an issue related to importing/exporting large configuration files.
  • Improved loading a large number of scenarios in the DC Setup.

Release 3.302, April 6, 2021.

Release 3.302
Release date April 6, 2021 (postponed to April 12, 2021)
  • Added the Duplicate Check Job ID number to the job overview.
  • Case Merge - Improved error notification when case merge fails
  • Direct Processing - If a merge or convert fails in Direct Processing, error is now stored in DC Job.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Set Field plugin in auto merge.
  • Fixed an issue related to loading DC Convert modal.
  • Fixed an issue in pre-defined filters related to setting a date filter.

Release 3.299.4, March 8, 2021.

Release 3.299.4
Release date March 8, 2021
  • Merge Modal - Improved performance in loading the merge modal.
  • Merge Modal - Added ability to open the merge modal via URL for specific record IDs. Read more.
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to changing a record type.
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to read-only fields.

Release 3.297, February 8, 2021.

Release  3.297
Release date February 8, 2021
  • Set for Merge - In the object settings, you can now choose to disable the "Set for Merge" feature for users that don't have delete rights on the object.
  • DC Entry - A number of bug fixes for DC Entry when running in Salesforce Communities.
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to only having access to the master record type.
  • DC Setup - You can now use arrow keys to adjust the sliders in the scenarios.

Release 3.296, January 11, 2021.

Release 3.296
Release date January 11, 2021
  • DC Analytics - Statistics about DC Local are now taken into account at the DC Analytics page.
  • DC Convert - New ability to decide what user is pre-selected to be the owner of new records in a manual convert, at DC Setup - Settings.
  • Data API - Formula fields can now be taken into account when using the Data API.
  • Search Index - Fixed an issue related to deleting the index manually.
  • DC Entry - Fixed an issue related to how the page renders in Salesforce Communities.
  • DC Job Export - Fixed an issue related to exporting duplicate results in latest browser versions.

Release 3.293, December 14, 2020.

Release 3.293
Release date December 14, 2020
  • DC Analytics - Get extensive, detailed insight in duplicates found, records merged and records converted over a period of time. Make the comparison with other months to see how the battle against duplicates evolves. In addition, find out what percentage of incoming records is duplicate. Read more.
  • DC Entry - The option to set a parent record from a related list is now configurable. Read more.
  • DC Entry - Fixed a number of issues related to the new LWC Entry page.
  • DC Convert - Default owner for potential new records is now the Lead owner.

Release 3.290, November 16, 2020.

Release 3.290
Release date November 16, 2020
  • DC Entry Redesign - New, improved and faster entry page (LWC), which is now embeddable via Apex or via the Lightning App Builder. Also, the entry page is addressable via URL. Read more.
  • Added the option to limit the number of results that we show in DC Live, DC Entry and Show Duplicates Flow action.
  • Added loading spinners the the batch results page, to indicate that the merge page is loading.
  • DC Convert - If only one record type is available, it is now pre-selected. In addition, if multiple record types are available, the profile assigned record type is pre-selected.

Release 3.288.3, October 19, 2020.

Release 3.288.3
Release date October 19, 2020
  • Removed the Audit Logging Dashboard from the package, a new add-on package can be installed to use the Audit Logging Dashboard. Read more.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to the new merge page.
  • Fixed an issue related to restricted record types in DC Convert.
  • Fixed an issue related to having more than 50 pre-defined filters.
  • Fixed an issue related to the primary affiliation field in NPSP merge.

Release 3.286.3, September 21, 2020.

Release 3.286.3 
Release date September 21, 2020
  • Merge Page Redesign - New improved merge page (LWC) that includes a merge preview. Read more
  • Audit Logging Dashboard - An extensive new dashboard that shows audit information about all actions performed in Duplicate Check. Read more.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Search Index with two different Email matching methods in one scenario.
  • Fixed an issue related to 'records analysed' reset after executing an automated merge.
  • Performance improvement for loading DC Setup.
  • Fixed an issue related to storing the search index using DC Local.
  • Fixed an issue related to applying a pre-defined filter to the Overall Job Results.

Release 3.284.2, August 24, 2020.

Release  3.284.2 
Release date August 24, 2020
  • DC Flow Actions - Show duplicates. A new screen component that is able to show duplicate results gathered in the flow. Read more.
  • Disable Duplicate Check triggers for actions executed by a certain (system) user. Read more.
  • Exact (random order) - a new matching method that scores 100% if all characters are equal, but potentially in a different order. Read more.
  • Completely Disabled DC triggers when a standard object is removed from the DC Setup.
  • Improved the loading spinner in the DC Convert Lightning Component.

Release 3.283, July 27, 2020.

Release 3.283
Release date July 27, 2020
  • DC Flow Actions - Duplicate Check now includes Flow Actions which can be used in Salesforce Flows. Read more.
  • DC Local - Added a permission check at the beginning of a new job, to verify if all required permissions are available.
  • DC Convert - When hovering over records in a conversion, the user will now see additional result fields.
  • DC Job - Changed labels for action buttons when selecting records in a group.
  • DC Job - Added time-stamp for auto processes that are finished.
  • DC Local - Now returns the number of records analyzed to the job metadata in Salesforce.
  • DC Local - Fixed a bug related to "master" record types not being picked up.
  • Direct Processing - Fixed a bug related to merging NPSP records.

Release 3.282.2, June 29, 2020.

Release  3.282.2
Release date June 29, 2020
  • DC Local - Improved downloading records in LDV environments.
  • DC Local - Implemented “Frequent Words” for DC Local.
  • DC Entry - Visualforce - Record insert triggered an Apex Insert Job.
  • DC Job - Fixed an issue related to updating the ‘disable’ checkbox after quick/auto merge.
  • DC - General performance improvements.

Release 3.278.2, June 2, 2020.

Release 3.278.2 
Release date June 2, 2020
  • SFDX Plugin for Duplicate Check. Use our new plugin to easily create licenses for your sandboxes and transfer complete Duplicate Check configurations. Read more.
  • DC Convert - Lightning - Longer account names caused UI issue.
  • DC Convert - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to the target of the “Go to Leads” button.
  • DC Convert - Lightning - Improved error handling.
  • Predefined Filters - Fixed a bug related to having more than 9 filter lines.
  • DC Live - Lightning - DC Live can now be added to Partner Community.
  • Merge - Fixed an issue related to merging custom object records that relate to the same file
  • DC Local - Fixed an issue related to having a filter on the matched object only.

Release 3.277.6, May 4, 2020.

Release 3.277.6 
Release date May 4, 2020
  • DC Convert Lightning Component - Convert Leads with our brand new component without creating duplicate records. Read more.
  • DC - Multiple general performance improvements.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to resetting the form when working in a console.
  • DC Job - Fixed an UI issue related to having more than 9 scenarios.
  • DC Merge - Fixed an issue related to merging Tasks.
  • DC Merge - Fixed an issue when having state/country pick lists activated.

Release 3.275, April 6, 2020.

Release 3.275 
Release date April 6, 2020
  • Merge - Fixed an issue related to merging records with attachment in a custom object.
  • DC Entry - Classic - Fixed an issue related to the “distance in days” matching method.
  • DC Job Filter - Fixed an issue related to having more than 9 filter lines.

Release 3.274.4, March 9, 2020.

Release 3.274.4
Release date March 9, 2020 
  • DC Job - Premium - New ability to apply a predefined filter to a DC Job. Read more.
  • DC Job - Premium - Redesigned filter allows to apply more advanced filters. Read more.
  • DC Job - Jobs can now be restarted with a new button on the job overview.
  • Overall Job Results - It’s now possible to embed the OJR component in any page with filter options, via Lightning App Builder or via code. Read more.
  • DC Convert - Fixed an issue related to converting Lead records due to Activity Metric error.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to the salutation field.

Release 3.273.3, February 10, 2020.

Release 3.273.3
Release date February 10, 2020
  • Object Filter - Fixed an issue related to looking up a record type.
  • Custom Object Merge - Fixed an issue related to re-parenting Notes.
  • Import / Export Configuration - Fixed an issue related to exporting Record Type configuration data.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to creating records with DC Entry in Spring ’20.
  • Predefined filters - Fixed an issue related to looking up a record type in a predefined filter.

Release 3.272, January 13, 2020.

Release  3.272
Release date January 13, 2020
  • DC Job - Auto Merge - It’s now possible to change the chunk size of a batch merge job, allowing to improve performance in larger batch merge jobs.
  • DC Setup - Internet Explorer 11 - Compatibility improvements.
  • DC Entry - Classic - UI Improvement in Lookup Modal.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to using a lookup field in prevention.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to FLS and read-only field settings.

Release 3.271, December 16, 2019.

Release 3.271
Release date December 16, 2019
  • Overall Job Results - It’s now possible to apply a predefined filter to your results list, allowing you to filter on any field value.
  • Config Import / Export - Fixed an issue related to duplicate scenario names.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Account ID is now pre-populated when coming from a related contact list view.
  • DC Entry - Classic/Visualforce - Multiple fixes in lookup modals.
  • Object Settings - Fixed an issue related to updating merge settings.
  • Scenario - Fixed an issue where the “contains value” matching method didn’t store value.
  • DC Job - Internet Explorer 11 - Compatibility improvements.

Release 3.269, November 29, 2019.

Release  3.269
Release date November 29, 2019
  • DC Local - DC Local results now show scenario scores per pair.
  • DC Local - Now works with Index Grouping
  • Disable Triggers - Improved performance when the trigger is disabled.
  • DC Live - Now runs as a background lightning component, speeding up loading times for other components.

Release 3.268, November 20, 2019.

Release  3.268
Release date November 20, 2019
  • Index - Index Grouping. This allows for grouping fields while searching in the index for possible duplicates. Very useful for LDV ORG's. Read more.
  • DC Apex API - Search with specific scenarios. See API documentation. Read more.
  • Share - Ability to change the default Subject & Body texts for the sharing popup. Read more.
  • DC Merge - Case merging. When you enabled the Case Merge Beta of Salesforce, you can instruct DC Merge to use this beta feature for case merging. Read more.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Improved visual leading of Entry form.

Release 3.267, November 4, 2019.

Release  3.267
Release date  November 4, 2019
  • N/A
  • DC Merge - Merge Rules for Phone gave unexpected error after release.

Release 3.266, November 1, 2019.

Release 3.266
Release date November 1, 2019
  • Plugins - New plugins; Direct Processing, Merge Master and Merge Field. New generic plugins allow more flexibility and control in customisations. Read more.
  • DC Local - Fixed an issue related to Person Account index creation.
  • Import / Export - Fixed an issue related to exporting in Salesforce Classic.
  • Merge Rules - Fixed inconsistancy regarding fallback rule
  • ClickJack protection - If the convert/merge page can’t be loaded, DC now shows an error message.

Release 3.263, October 25, 2019.

Release  3.263
Release date October 25, 2019
  • N/A
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Required fields are now respected.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Name component now shows “middle name” and “suffix” if enabled.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Multiple UI enhancements.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Fixed an issue related to displaying different date formats.
  • DC Entry - Lightning - Entire page is now translatable.
  • Import / Export - Fixed an issue related to person accounts with record types.

Release 3.262, October 18, 2019.

Release 3.262
Release date October 18, 2019
  • DC Scheduled Jobs - Meta-data now shows what scenario is applied.
  • Fixed an issue related to a pre-defined filter value with special characters.
  • Fixed an issue related to the object filter using special characters
  • Import / Export - Actions are now a-synchronous, allowing to transfer large configuration files.

Release 3.261, October 11, 2019.

Release 3.261
Release date  October 11, 2019
  • Import / Export Configuration - Premium - A new feature that allows you to backup and restore your DC configuration and transfer DC configuration between ORGs. Read more.
  • Fixed an issue related to sandbox licenses.
  • Fixed an issue related to Person Accounts in Overall Job Results.

Release 3.260, October 4, 2019.

Release 3.260
Release date October 4, 2019
  • Merge Rules - A new setting allows you to decide to what records in a group the fallback rule should apply to.
  • Merge - The merge page now shows if a Contact is a Portal User.
  • Search Index - A new setting allows you to exclude fields from being taken into account in the Search Index. Read more.
  • Search Index - Non-latin names of only 1 or 2 characters are now taken into account in the Search Index.
  • Merge - De-selecting a record in a group will now automatically de-select all the fields from that record.
  • Overall Job Results - Fixed an issue related to Person Accounts.



For earlier release notes, please check the release notes section at the DC Setup page (in-app).