User rights and permissions for Duplicate Check Local

DC Local for Salesforce

Last published at: 2023-12-05 15:31:04 UTC

To be able to use Duplicate Check Local, a user needs sufficient rights and permissions in Salesforce.

Object Access

The profile / permission set needs full access to the following objects. This also includes full access to all of the fields within these objects (field-level security)

  • Duplicate Check Duplicates (dupcheck__dc3Duplicate__c)
  • Duplicate Check Groups (dupcheck__dcGroup__c)
  • Duplicate Check Jobs (dupcheck__dcJob__c)

Apex Class Access

The profile / permission set needs access to the following apex classes

  • dupcheck.dc3Config
  • dupcheck.dc3ConfigMapper
  • dupcheck.dc3Constant
  • dupcheck.dc3Job
  • dupcheck.dc3JobExternal
  • dupcheck.dc3JobMapper
  • dupcheck.dc3PermissionCheck

System Permissions

The profile / permission set should have access to the following standard Salesforce features.

  • Apex REST Services
  • API Enabled