Run a DC Local Duplicate Check job

DC Local for Salesforce

Last published at: 2024-04-19 14:02:20 UTC

Send a DC Job to DC Local. The process to find duplicates will run on your local machine. The results are then presented in your Salesforce environment for further processing.

1. Log in

  1. Start DC Local by double-clicking it in its installation folder.
  2. Select the platform you want to use. To start a job from your Salesforce Org, select Run a Job for Salesforce.
  3. Choose to log in to Sandbox of Production, depending on where you will create the DC Job.
  4. Use your Salesforce credentials to login into DC Local.
  5. Make sure that you grant DC Local access to perform the following actions: Access the identity URL Service, Manage user data via APIs, and Perform requests at any time. Otherwise, DC Local won't work.
  6. After a successful login, you will see the DC Local Job selection page

2. Send job to DC Local

  1. In your Salesforce environment, go to the DC Job tab. 
  2. Click + New Job  to create a new DC Job.
  3. In step 3. "Processing Options", select Run on DC Local.

Scheduled Jobs

DC Local only supports Scheduled Jobs‍ if you are also using DC Local Server Mode. In general, for Scheduled Jobs, use DC Local Server Mode‍ or Plauti Cloud‍.

3. Find and run a job in DC Local

  1. Now the created job will be visible on the DC Local 'Available Jobs' panel and ready to be processed. Click Refresh if you don't see it straight away.
    At the right of the job, click Select.

  2.  Review the job details and click Start Job.


    Duplicate Check Local will now take the following actions to complete the job:

    Step 1 of 6 - Export records from Salesforce
    Step 2 of 6 - Read records
    Step 3 of 6 - Index records
    Step 4 of 6 - Find duplicates
    Step 5 of 6 - Group duplicates
    Step 6 of 6 - Upload duplicate results to Salesforce

    Note: Be aware that it may take some time for Salesforce to prepare all the data and export it to DC Local. That period of time is variable and depends on the size of your data, the speed of your internet connection, and the Salesforce Cloud status.

  3. When the job is finished, you will see a link that will lead you to the DC job results overview page in Salesforce. From there you can choose further actions, such as merging or converting the records.
  4. In DC Local, you can now click Back  and start another job, or just close the program.