Auto Processing jobs

DC Local for Salesforce

Last published at: 2024-04-19 14:27:48 UTC

Use Duplicate Check Local to start and process Duplicate Check Jobs automatically, without user interaction, by activating "Auto Processing" in DC Local.

By activating auto processing, Duplicate Check local will automatically find new jobs with an interval of 30 seconds. Jobs that are queued in Salesforce to be run in DC Local will be processed automatically without any user interaction.


Scheduled Jobs

DC Local only supports Scheduled Jobs‍ if you also have DC Local Server Mode. In general, for auto-processing Scheduled Jobs, use DC Local Server Mode‍ or Plauti Cloud‍.

Activating Auto Processing

  1. Open DC Local and log in using your Salesforce credentials.
  2. Open the "Settings" tab 
  3. At "Auto Processing", enable "Auto Process jobs" by checking the checkbox.
  4. At "Abort auto-process on failure", decide if you want Duplicate Check Local to stop or continue processing jobs in the possible event of a failing job.

Make sure your local device does not turn to sleep mode if it is inactive for too long. DC Local can only process jobs when your device is awake. Going to sleep mode while a job is running, may result in a failed job which has to be re-run entirely.

Alternatively, use DC Local Server Mode‍. DC Local Server Mode can run on a server in the background without the need for an app to be open at all times.

De-activating Auto Processing

There are two ways of de-activating Auto Processing

  • You can de-activate auto processing by accessing the settings tab and set the "Auto Process jobs" checkbox to false. Or,
  • You can de-activate auto processing while a job is running, by unchecking the checkbox at "Auto process next job".