DC Live - Duplicates not shown

Last published at: 2023-04-17 11:28:11 UTC


When I am on a record page, DC Live does not show any duplicates, but I know that there are duplicates.


There are many reasons for duplicate records not displaying in DC Live. Let's address the possible reasons here below:

1. The duplicate record is in DC Discards
In DC Live and DC Job, you can flag record pairs as false duplicates. The record pair is then discarded.

It's possible to undo discarded records. You can do this by accessing the DC Discards tab, search for the Record ID that is part of a discarded record, and delete that discarded record. DC Live will now show the duplicate record again.

2. Wrong Record Type Configuration
In DC Setup > *Object* > Record Type, the record type of the record you are working on does not match with the record type of the record you expect to see in DC Live.

3. Missing Search Index
The records do not have a Search Index, and, therefore, cannot be found as duplicate records. Read here how to create a Search Index.

4. Record does not meet the Object Filter Criterium
The record that does not show up in DC Live does not meet the filter criterium that is configured in the Object Filter. See Object Settings for information about the Object Filter.

5. Lead record is converted
The Lead record that does not show up in DC Live is converted. Records that are converted (the 'isConverted' field has value TRUE) are not analyzed by Duplicate Check.

6. No Duplicate
The record is not a duplicate according to the Scenario(s) that is(are) applied to DC Live. Have another look at the fields used, the Matching Method, the Empty Field Rule, and the Threshold. For example, if you use an Exact Matching method, double-check if the record does not contain a minor spelling error.

7. No Group Index
If the above options are not the root cause, then configuring the Group Index might solve it. See the Group Index article for information on why and how to configure the Group Index.