DC Job - No results when filtering on record type

Last published at: 2023-03-27 13:25:55 UTC


When I try to filter DC Job results on 'Group Contains Record Type', no groups are shown, even though there are records with the selected record type present in the DC Job results.The 'Group Contains Record Type' filter is the only filter used, and without it the groups are shown properly.


This might be caused by the DC Trigger settings. Please check the following and update if necessary:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup > Custom Settings > DC Trigger Management.
  2. Click Manage to view the settings.
  3. If a setting is present, click View to view its details.
  4. None of the tickboxes in the setting should be ticked. If some are:
    • If these were ticked by yourself, click Edit and untick all options. Then Save.
    • If tickboxes in this setting were ticked because Plauti Support advised you to do so, please contact Plauti Support.
  5. Repeat for any other settings present in DC Trigger Management.

The DC Trigger Management settings should only be used if Plauti Support asks you to do so. By ticking options you disable one or more DC triggers. This inhibits the workings of Duplicate Check. Therefore, in general, all options in the DC Trigger Management settings should always be unticked (i.e. all triggers enabled).
In some cases, e.g. for an API user or other system user, you might want to disable all DC triggers. To disable all triggers for a user or profile, see How to disable the Duplicate Check triggers for actions executed by a certain (system) user‍. But please do not use the DC Trigger Management settings for that purpose.