Introduction to Plauti Cloud

Last published at: 2024-05-24 13:01:20 UTC

Welcome to Plauti Cloud!

Plauti Cloud is a portal that offers cloud-based applications and services. At the moment it mainly provides performance-enhancing services for Duplicate Check, and an installer service to install Plauti apps on multiple orgs and environments at the same time. In the near future more applications and services will be added.

The Plauti Cloud portal has some features of its own, such as Connections, Teams, and Notifications. You can create a Team to work on jobs together with colleagues, and set up Connections with one or more environments to process jobs. These features are explained in more detail in this section.
For a quick tour of Plauti Cloud, simply go to Log in with your Salesforce Production or Dynamics 365 account and follow the guided tour steps. 

Plauti Cloud is hosted on Azure. Every single job you run on it gets its own temporary, dedicated, and fenced-off server. Your temporary server is completely locked off from the outside world, even Plauti cannot enter it. Your server only communicates with Salesforce or Dynamics 365 to receive job details and return the results. It will inform Plauti Cloud about job statuses, but no other job data is shared. When the job is finished, the server is terminated.

Plauti Cloud started out as a Cloud variety of DC Local‍. It offers the same features as DC Local and DC Local Server, but has some advantages over those as well. For example, Plauti Cloud can run several parallel jobs at the same time. Another plus is that Plauti Cloud only runs a server when it’s needed, so so it's more environmentally friendly than DC Local Server. 

Find out more about using Duplicate Check on Plauti Cloud here: