Setting up Frequent Words

Last published at: 2024-04-05 14:17:53 UTC

The Frequent Words feature is available in the Premium edition only.


In this tutorial, find out how to configure and use the DC Frequent Words feature.
The Frequent Words feature within Duplicate Check for Salesforce lets the user enter frequent words that will not be taken into account when checking for duplicate records. Duplicate Check offers a standard list of common frequent words, but lets you also create a custom list with words that you choose.

Step 1 Add words to the frequent words list

Navigate to the 'Frequent Words' list at the DC Setup page. To add a word to the list, simply click the 'Add' button at the list of your choice. You can go to a different list by choosing another tab.

  1. Navigate to DC Setup page and under 'General Setup' click on 'Frequent Words'.
  2. To add a word to the list, simply click the 'Add' button on the list of your choice. Example image:

Step 2 DC Frequent Words

  1. Navigate to DC Setup Page and under 'General Setup' you can find the 'Frequent Words' feature. Example: 
    Duplicate Check has standard frequent words lists that can easily be applied to a field in your scenario. To do so, navigate to the DC Setup page and open the Object you wish to apply a frequent word list to. By unfolding the Scenario, you get to see the frequent words options.
  2. Apply a frequent words list to a certain field in your Scenario by navigating to the *Object* scenario page. Example image: 

For example, you want to exclude the word "Restaurant" to get better results for finding a common supplier between Chinese, Indian or Johnny's Restaurant. The word "Restaurant" adds too much weight that can bring false unwanted results. All of these are restaurants, but they don't have anything else in common.