General Settings

Last published at: 2022-12-02 14:07:39 UTC

This page explains a number of important settings that can affect the workflow of Duplicate Check completely. Enable, disable or configure other internal DC features.

The DC General Settings page

1. General

Default DC Search tab  Which scenario you want to be set as default on the DC Search tab.
Target 'Open' button How you prefer to open a record page when clicking on the "Open" button.
Audit Logging Enable the Audit Logging Premium feature.
Show Api Names on DC Setup Show Objects Api names on the DC Setup page.
Show Record Types on DC Search Include Record Types when using the DC Search feature.
Auto open groups when opening the DC Job Result Overview When enabled, the groups are open upon reviewing the results of a DC Job.
Default display of field values if text exceeds column with in DC Job Result
Choose to either clip or wrap long texts in DC Job result columns. Clip will truncate the displayed text, while Wrap will extend the field downwards to show the entire text. This is only the default setting; users can switch between these options in their Job Results overview.
Delete Temp File Clicking on this button will start a background job cleaning up all temporary data.

2. Duplicate Prevention

Trigger Duplicate Prevention when editing

The fields for which DC Entry, DC Prevention upon manual entry/update or DC Live will trigger.
Trigger Duplicate Prevention when the owner of a record is changed When a record owner is changed, but the fields and values are untouched, Duplicate Prevention will trigger.
Number of potential duplicate records immediately returned in prevention Determine how many possible duplicate records you want to return during duplicate prevention.
Error Message for duplicate prevention Write your own prevention message, visible for all users in the organization. 
Duplicate Prevention in Native Entry Page Lightning Decide if you want to enable or disable Duplicate Check's duplicate prevention in the native entry page in Lightning.

3. Merge & Convert

Merge: show read only field while merging When enabled, all fields that contain unreadable values will be excluded from the merging process.
Show Quick/Auto Merge Button Show Quick and Auto Merge button when it is available by a DC component.
On the DC Convert page, default setting for the creation of opportunity. When enabled, the 'Create Opportunity' is on the DC Convert page by default on.
Use the Salesforce Case Merge (beta) for case merging.  Duplicate Check is integrated with Salesforce Case Merge (beta) when this setting is enabled.

4. Search Index

Index: Use domain names when creating index

When enabled, email domain names are not indexed. 
Minutes delay between asynchronous creation of search index Decide the delay in minutes between search index creation jobs. Do not change this, unless the support team will instruct you.
Index Queue - Batch Chunk Size
Determines the chunk size of the index creation job. Do not change this, unless you get instructions from the Plauti Support team.
Enable option to exclude fields from being taken into account in the search index Enabling this setting will add a new column to the scenario, allowing you to exclude fields from being taken into account in the search index.
Enable option to group the index search. Enabling this setting will add a new column to the scenario, allowing you to create groups that will be used to search the index. 

5. Apex Plugin

Generic Plugin

By using a Generic Plugin, Duplicate Check allows for a more flexible method of implementing the Duplicate Check apex plugins. 

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Merge Plugin

By using a Merge Plugin, Duplicate Check lets you execute an apex code before or after the merge is done or when the merge has failed.

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Convert Plugin

By using a Convert Plugin, Duplicate Check lets you execute an apex code before or after the convert is done or when the convert has failed.

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Prevention Plugin

The Prevention Plugin lets you execute custom apex code whenever a record is created or updated.

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Search Plugin

The Search Plugin will provide you with the search results every time a search is executed via Duplicate Check.

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6. Triggers

Disable Triggers When enabled, duplicate check triggers will not execute. This will disable all Duplicate Preventions.
Enable Small trigger footprint. The small trigger will only create the index. No prevention, No Direct Processing, No Web to Lead, No Unique Import. Duplicate Check will take less CPU time when DC Trigger is used. But, it will disable some functionalities like Duplicate Prevention, Unique Import, Web to Lead and Direct Processing.