Auto Merge

Last published at: 2024-05-28 09:56:04 UTC

The Auto Merge feature is available in the Advanced and Premium Editions.


Auto Merge is a feature that appears in the form of a button right after a DC Job is done, in the job overview.  The Auto Merge feature lets you automatically merge duplicate records from a DC Job with a threshold level of your choice. Duplicate Check will take into account the merge rules defined on the Merge Rules page when performing the auto merge.

When you made sure that the results are clear and you have the right configuration in the Merge Rules page, you can proceed with the Auto Merge.

After clicking the Auto Merge button, a configuration pop-up will appear.

Job Name Name of the job that will be auto-merged.
Threshold The threshold number defines the minimum score that a match must have as duplicate search result, to be processed by the Auto Merge feature.

Threshold number? When running a duplicate check Job, records will get a 'matching score' using the applied search scenario. The Threshold number defines what score a match should get to be shown in the Job results list. Every matching score that is equal to, or higher will be defined as a duplicate and will be Auto Merged.


The Auto Merge job will now be added to the Job Overview. Every duplicate record that has a score equal to or higher than the Threshold number you set, will be merged automatically using the Merge settings in the DC Setup.



As a best practice, you could decide to automatically merge with a threshold of 100% and process the lower scored duplicate records manually.


Did you know it is possible to merge duplicate records in your Job manually?

Quick Merge

Quick Merge will directly merge the duplicate records without any user intervention. This feature will use the rules defined on the Merge Rules page to execute the merge. This action cannot be undone.