How to create a Duplicate Check license for your sandbox

Last published at: 2022-01-03 16:10:13 UTC

Every paid Duplicate Check subscription comes with complementary sandbox licenses for testing purposes. Find out how to clone your license for use in your sandbox environment.

Follow these steps to activate a Duplicate Check license for your sandbox.
You can only create a sandbox license from your production organization.

  1. Navigate to the DC Setup - View License.
  2. At 'Sandbox Licenses', click 'Add Sandbox'.
  3. At 'Sandbox Name', enter a name for your sandbox. Any name is accepted here.
  4. At 'Organization ID', fill in the Organization ID of your sandbox.
  5. Click 'Add'. Your sandbox license is now activated.

In some occasions, you get the following error:

"Custom Field *** is configured in a scenario, but custom fields are not licensed." 

You need to perform a hard license refresh in the Sandbox. You can do this by executing the following code in Developer Console > Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window:

Database.executeBatch(new dupcheck.dc3LicenseBatch());


Duplicate Check offers free sandbox licenses for your sandboxes. Advanced offers 5 and Premium offers 10. No license yet? Apply for a free 10-day trial.


Note that the Org ID of a sandbox changes when you refresh it. Please follow the steps mentioned above after refreshing your sandbox.